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System Introduction

Smart M2M Controlling System——Real time collecting various parameters’information, real time monitoring,predicting equipment failure, safety alarm, remote control, monitoring energy consumption, analysis of historical data.

Protect equipment run stably and efficiently; realize man-machine and multi-machine link; smart and delicacy management; increase equipment usage time, improve equipment maintenance management efficiency, reduce labor cost.

System Function

Real time monitoring — Monitor and collect harmonic,starting current, current, voltage, power, power factor, energy, temperature;the sampling rate can reach 1000P/S.

Prediction analysis — Real time display data and data trend;store historical data can be queried and exported , analyse and early diagnose equipment characteristic, running state and trend;to take effective maintenance and maintenance measures in advance, improve the equipment maintenance and management efficiency, and prolong the service life of the equipment.

Early-warning — Smart measurement,handle overload,spark situation, electric leakage and over-temperature situation, foreknow failure, real time alarming, power off automatically;

Energy consumption monitoring — Real-time monitoring of the voltage, current, active power, reactive power factor, etc.

To realize timely understanding of energy consumption and timely monitoring and control of bad energy consumption;

Remote control — Network and online, users can remote control, realize remote management, save manpower, prevent accidents;

Secondary development —— Two 485 interfaces are reserved,be used to expand the function and the application flexible configuration;

System highlights

Electricity  monitoring —High accuracy, high speed,various data collecting, real time monitoring.

Failure prediction — Analysis, abnormal performance, failure prediction,effective maintenance.

Energy  saving— Energy consumption monitoring, energy saving analysis,high-efficiency maintain、reduce labor.

Smart connection— smart networking, automation, unmanned.

Single smart electricity sensorThree phase smart electricity sensor
Technical ParametersTechnical Parameters
Voltage:    180~240VVoltage:    3*180~240V
Current:    5(80)ACurrent:    5(100)A
Accuracy class:    1.0Accuracy class:    1.0
Frequency:    50-60HzFrequency:    50-60Hz
Impulse constant:    1000imp/kWhImpulse constant:    1000imp/kWh
Starting current:    0.004IbStarting current:    0.004Ib
Power consumption:    ≤10VA  Power consumption:    ≤10VA  
Installation:    DIN RAILInstallation:    DIN RAIL
Temperature range:    -20~70℃Temperature range:    -20~70℃
Relative humidity:    ≦75%Relative humidity:     ≦75%
Communication mode:    WIFI/RS485Communication mode:    WIFI/RS485
Dimension:   90*18*72mmDimension:    100*76*65mm
Net weight:    0.12KGNet weight:    0.33KG




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