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1.Product Introduction

This RS485 communication isolation module, built-in high-frequency transformer, fast isolation chip and RS485 chip, solves the problems of the voltage resistance of power isolation and communication isolation, speed, volume and cost. It has the characteristics of low power consumption, far beyond the general characteristics of photoelectric coupler. Its small size and stable performance make it widely used in various complex installation environments and in various occasions requiring small size and fast communication.

2.Technical Parameters

1.VDD1 operating voltage:                  5V~18V

2.Insulation withstand voltage:            AC4000Vrms

3.Communication speed(Highest speed):      150Kbps、10Mbps、600Mbps、

4.Minimum pulse width(Minimum pulse):      5us、100ns、1ns

5.Delay(Propagation delay):               4.4ns

6.Operating current:                      ≤10mA / channel (12V input)

7.VCC operating voltage:                  3.6V (others can be customized)

8.VDD2 output voltage:                    3.3V/5V

9.Operating temperature:                  -40-85℃

3.Product Picture & Dimensions






4.Internal Principle Diagram




5.Warranty and After-sales Service

5.1 Calculation Method of Three Guarantees Validity Period:

Three guarantees (repair, replace and refund) are handled with the sales invoices issued by our company, and the time will be counted from the date the meter is released from the warehouse, deducting the time due to repairs and spare parts to be repaired and the delivery time, the time is 18 months.

5.2 Three Guarantees Range of Meter Quality

5.2.1 When the user fully abides by the transportation, storage, installation and use regulations of the detector, and under the condition that the company's product is sealed completely, the customer must provide valid evidence for the detector that does not meet the quality requirements (such as the problem equipment, proof photos, customer local user feedback documents, certification documents from relevant government departments, etc.), the company implements 18 months of quality guarantee for products.

5.2.2 When the detector sold by the company has one of the following circumstances, the company shall undertake repair, replacement and return:

· If it does not have the performance that the product should have and has not been explained in advance;

· Does not meet the implementation standards indicated on the product or its packaging;

(If the standard on the product / packaging is required by the customer but does not conform to the product implementation standard of the company, the customer must make the relevant responsibility commitment);

· Does not meet the quality status indicated by product description, physical samples.

The quality products within the responsibility of the company determine the solution of the energy meter through consultation with the customer. Generally, the main processing method is to return the product for repair or replenish the goods in the next order. In case of special circumstances, it will be determined through consultation.

Note: Three guarantees are not implemented in the following situations: no valid invoice, no proof of order corresponding to quality problems, damage caused by force majeure. Electricity meters outside the validity period are not subject to the Three Guarantees but can be repaired at a charge, the relevant expenses such as transportation are paid by the customer.

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